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Whether a home is being purchased or sold, Pratheep is committed to providing quality services so that you can make an informed decision. Pratheep will utilize the latest technology and  trends that will help your home stand out.

Free Consultation 

Contact Pratheep today for a no obligation, free consultation. Pratheep will take you through a real estate transaction and answer any questions you may have. Pratheep can also provide you with knowledgeable advice on what will work in the current market.


With a team of contractors that are readily available for renovations, Pratheep will advise you of what steps need to be taken, to ensure your property is ready to be on the market. It is important to make sure your property is up- to-date to ensure you get full value potential.

Videography & Photography

Pratheep ensures that the latest technology is used to capture the property in its entirety. Professional videography and photography helps increase traffic and ensures that your property is brought to life.

Home Evaluation 

Pratheep will use all his available resources to ensure your home is valued accurately and for the best possible price. You do not want to undervalue your home and Pratheep will ensure that the value of your home is presented accurately.


Having access to home stagers, Pratheep ensures your property looks outstandingly phenomenal. Staging is vital to ensure that a buyer can imagine themselves at home. You want to de-personalize the property but ensure that all the significant features  of your home are noticeable.

Social Media 

Pratheep uses the latest technological platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook to ensure your property is exposed to the maximum amount of people. Pratheep has a large network where the information will be presented to a large audience and target market. The use of social media also has advantages when selling your property.

Let's Hear It From My Clients

Rad Y., First Time Home Owner

"Pratheep was an amazing realtor to work with. Not only was he able to secure our first home however, he was very professional and provided a lot of information for our knowledge. Will definitely go through Pratheep for future investments."

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